The Lilly Bow – Scruchie

thumbnail.jpgThe Lilly Bow was inspired by an Urban Outfitters bow my sister let me borrow a couple months back. It was made with a beautiful chiffon fabric, and I knew immediately I needed a hundred more!  I love the way this bow dresses up a messy bun or low lazy pony tail. Both of which I am very much ABOUT.

So I played with proportions and techniques and worked really hard to bring this pattern and tutorial to my blog. I hope you love it as much as I do.

One thing I’m picky about with scrunchies is the elastic inside them. Most tutorials use yardage of elastic, but I wanted my favorite hair tie inside instead. The tutorial below shows you how to use your own hair tie and insert it free-moving inside the scrunchie piece.

The Lilly Bow


  • About an 1/8th of a yard of fabric (but make sure they cut it straight!)
  • Coordinating thread (or close enough)
  • 1 Hair Tie

The Pattern can be downloaded here:  The Lilly Bow


The magical burrito part of this tutorial can be tricky. So I made a slower, more detailed video of just that step for you to follow. I really hope this helps!


I can’t wait to see your bows!

Use hashtag #sewbows so I can see all your makes.

Thanks for following along



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