Maternity Charlie Caftan with Indiesew

Wanna have a good laugh? Search "Maternity Fashion" or "Maternity Sewing" online. But really, browse Pinterest and Instagram hashtags and there's just not that much fashion goodness happening on pregnant bodies. It was depressing to discover the lack of inspiration that can be drawn from the word-wide-inter-web, in terms of maternity fashion. So I took… Continue reading Maternity Charlie Caftan with Indiesew

My Faux Jumpsuit – Woven Hudson Joggers & Ogden Cami

I've been following the jumpsuit trend for awhile and wanting to hop on board. I wanted the look of the jumpsuit, but I was nervous to make it and hate it. So I went with this faux jumpsuit because it's the look I want, but can also be worn as separates, which I've already done.… Continue reading My Faux Jumpsuit – Woven Hudson Joggers & Ogden Cami