Olympia Dress – Blue Floral


Okay let me just say this dress is a dream. A dream people, a dream. Let me introduce you to my version of the Olympia Dress. The bodice fits so well and is so incredibly comfortable. I made this version with an incredible double knit I found at a random corner shop in Downtown Los Angeles. At $3 a yard, I couldn’t say no to this floral.


I am usually not a floral lover, but I love the way this dress turned out. I’m pretty tall (6’1”) but my height is all in my legs. So I didn’t need to lengthen the bodice at all. It’s also my preference to have the bodice end more at my natural waist line than at my hips. I did lengthen the dress about 2 inches.


It was so fun to test this dress because it turned out there were four of us testing in the Salt Lake area. So we had to get together to grab this group shot. These amazing seamstresses and woman made some beautiful versions. And there other work is AMAZING also! Go check out their blogs. (from left to right: Anna, Rachel, Tami, Tihana)


This is a great beginner project, give it a try. Thanks for following this make! Now go sew something.

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