The Best Summer Kid Shoes

Every year I try new summer shoes for my kids, and this year I’m hooked on these.


Freshly Picked has been a favorite for years, but when they came out with a sandal this spring I just about died from cuteness overload! At first I thought it wouldn’t be durable or water proof enough, but I was wrong. These sandals are made with water resistant leather straps and a super durable rubber sole. These don’t seem to be a dainty shoe that will be ruined in 2 weeks. I’m excited to see how long these last, I’ll keep you posted for sure.


My next worry was the buckle. I was not about to buy a shoe that I had to buckle on and off a million times each day. But you guys, this tiny little prong-free buckle is my favorite part of the whole shoe. Am I the only one who has never seen a magical buckle like this? It’s something from a mystical Motherhood fairy-tale I swear.


You heard me, prong free. It just tightens and loosens at a certain angle, but no prongs or wholes in the leather. Which means it’s awesome for in between sizes. Or for kids with chubby ankles! I snagged the blue pair for Luke and I couldn’t be more obsessed. They go so well with all his trunks for the summer and 4th of July.


One last tip I have is to order one size up! Luke is a 9 in stores, and a 10 in these sandals.

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