Pony Tank – Swim Cover-up – Tibble Fork

IMG_9086 copy

I’ve been wearing this Pony Tank Dress as a swim cover-up ALL SUMMER LONG! I’m super obsessed. At first I wasn’t sure I would make this pattern because I don’t wear tanks, but I needed a new swim dress, and this Rayon/Spandex fabric was the perfect pair for the pattern.  I’m so glad I did make it!

IMG_9034 copy

The neckline is high enough and the hem is long enough to totally get down and play with your kids at the lake, beach or pool. Which is mandatory for my toddler-chasing-mom-life. IMG_9093 copy

As always I lengthened mine for my long legs and my personal preference. I love this pattern! Give it a try.


Pattern: Pony Tank

Fabric: Rayon Spandex blend from Heather

Now go sew something!

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