Fulton Sweater Blazer with Mood Fabrics

Let me tell you, sewing outerwear is such a pleasure! Sewing outerwear is the perfect amount of technical sewing, fairly easy fitting, it’s tremendously practical, and ridiculously rewarding. I would say it’s my favorite category of sewing! This Mauve Pink coat is what my dreams are made of. It was so fun to make and such a beautiful feminine piece to add to my winter wardrobe.

Such a glorious coat deserves a name right? Elizabeth seems fitting in part to it’s royalty ties and my recent obsession with The Queens Gambit on Netflix. Jacqueline? Marguerite? Anyways, she needs a name! To be decided later I suppose.

The fabric chose the project in this case, no doubt. This Mauve boiled wool is from Mood Designer Fabrics, and I love everything about it. Boiled wool is great because it’s naturally a bit stretchy. It not as structured as most wool blends which makes it the perfect candidate for the Fulton – a pattern that is design for stable knits. This beautiful fabric is 59 inches wide and a great coat weight. It comes in over 30 colors including this dreamy camel color that I hope will restock soon.

I preshrunk my wool by wetting a shower towel and adding it with the wool in the dryer for a whole dry cycle on low heat. After measuring, it almost didn’t shrink at all but it gave me peace of mind to pretreat it. With this wide wool I was able to get this coat out of 2.5 yards. Although the Fulton pattern recommends 3.25 yards for my size and view, you don’t need that much. Take me word for it and save a little money.

The collar on the #fultonsweaterblazer is definitely it’s defining feature! It’s so cute, and I haven’t seen anything else like it in the Indie Sewing world.

To accommodate for my fabric choice, I sized up. I measured between a 14 and 16, but I made a 16 with a hip graded to an 18. I’m so glad I did! I wanted the arms a bit roomier so I could under-line them, and have room for a sweater or long sleeve shirt underneath for winter time. I also prefer the oversized feel in most cases, especially outerwear.

The pockets were a bit of a gamble for me, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. I used the welt pocket design from Hey June Handmade’s #wheatonwindbreaker. I rounded out the pocket bag shape a tad and went for it. My first welt pockets were done earlier in November and didn’t turn out perfect, so I was nervous to try my second attempt on this wool but they turned out so good! I like the pockets the Fulton comes with, but they lean casual in my opinion. The added welt pocket definitely adds a fancy factor to this pink dream of mine! I would totally recommend subbing out the pockets and giving it a go.

I found a tiny gold metal tag in my stash that says “handmade”. The prefect final touch.

The middle image is my tester version of this pattern. It’s kind of fun to see both views next to each other. The comparison proves that fabric content makes a huge difference in the final look! I love and wear both.

Thanks for reading along, and happy sewing friends!

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