Simple Banner Ideas – Valentines


This year for Valentine Day Ryan and I decided we would make it a family event! We’ve done a few night-outs recently so we decided a night-in with the kids would be fun, plus and early bedtime always leaves time for adult celebration. Wink wink.

So our plan is for Ryan to take a part day off, and were headed to the theaters with the boys and a wild baby girl. Wish me luck! Then back to the house for a special Valentines Dinner. I don’t want to go overboard with a bunch of crazy decor and heart food, but a few simple things will make this a special dinner for the kids.

I decided I wanted a few special banners to help make the kitchen festive for the “party”. These 3 banners took me about 30 minutes to cut out with my Cricut Maker and sew, and they’ll totally add a level of festivity to our meal.


I also cut a few different sized and colored hearts to sprinkle on the table with some candy mixed in. I love how they all look together. So simple. So cheap. So fun. When the night is over, I’ll gather up these simple decorations and reuse them for girl birthdays and future holidays for years! I am all about decor that is easy to store and SIMPLE!!


For these hearts and banners I used this pack of Red Tones Cardstock. The paper came 12 by 24 inches, but I cut them in half to fit in my paper storage box better. Any paper, any size will work for this fast project. If you’re interested in my exact dimensions, you can use my Cricut Design Space Project, HERE.

I hope you make something small to celebrate this month! What are your traditions for Valentines Day? I want to hear them!

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